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Exclusive CLOCK & WATCH Handmade by MJ

Individual orders customization of any type of watch and clock. Wrist watches, table clocks, wall clocks, grandfather clocks, ceiling clocks, pocket watches, interior clocks, jewelry watches, bracelets, pendant watches, ring watches and any other kind of clock in the tuning edition from MJ.

For the production and personalization of exclusive watches, MJ Art Studio presents a huge range of premium materials. Watches made of gold, platinum, silver, palladium, classic and exotic leathers and furs, valuable varieties of wood, ivory, mammoth tusk, carbon fiber, meteorites, mokume-gane, diamonds and other precious and exclusive materials. Designers and craftsmen of MJ will help to realize the most incredible ideas and wishes in creating VIP watches and any other handmade gifts.


Exclusive table clock decorated with crocodile skin. In individual orders any model of desk clocks in decoration with any kind and color of genuine leather. Watches in leather trim alligator, crocodile, caiman, monitor lizard, iguana, python, cobra, anaconda, karung, sea snake, stingray, shark, calf, bison, deer, elephant, hippo, bird, fish, frog and other types of skin. In the presence of more than 5000 types and colors of skin - All exotic skins are CITES certified. See also the catalog of luxury genuine leather products -

Luxury wall clock in gold.
For individual orders, interior watches made of gold, silver, platinum and other precious metals.
Handmade gold wall clocks of any shape, design and size.
See also the catalog of exclusive gold products -

Wall clock made of mahogany, ebony, rosewood and other types of valuable wood.
In individual orders, a wooden wall clock of any shape and size inlaid with gold or silver.
See also exclusive gifts and VIP wood products -

Customization, production, restoration, repair and customization of watches and leather straps.
For individual orders, watch cases of all shapes and sizes from platinum, gold, silver -
As well as leather straps for all models of watches from all types and colors of leather -

Handmade gold pocket watch.
Individual orders customization of any pocket watch models.
Chains and cases of pocket watches from gold of any color and any carat.

Wall and table clocks in the form of photo frames made of genuine leather and silver.
In individual orders, a luxury table clock of all shapes and sizes made of leather of any color and type.
See also the catalog of exclusive handmade photo frames and baguettes -

In individual orders, an exclusive carabiner watch, a compass watch, a key fob watch, a flash drive watch, etc.
Unique watches made of precious metals and genuine leather can combine any gadgets.
See also catalog of key ring and VIP accessories -

A heart-shaped bracelet watch from 777k gold with inlaid unique gems and other luxury materials. Individual orders production of registered watch models. Very expensive watch models. Watches in a single copy. Watches made of the rarest precious materials.

Luxury watch transformers. Pocket watch - table clock.
Exclusive folding watch case made of leather karung, python, crocodile, stingray, shark and other exotic.
Individual orders Customization, personalization, restoration and restyling of any watch models.

Watches made of mahogany, stained oak, amber, mother of pearl, rose gold and other premium materials.
Custom-made exclusive table clocks made of precious and exotic materials.

Customization, repair, restoration, and tuning of any models of classic watches, mechanical watches, electronic watches, quartz watches, smart watches, fitness trackers, wearable gadgets, chronographs and any other types of watches. Watch cases of all shapes and sizes in gold, platinum and silver. Watch bracelets and straps from any kind of leather and precious metals. Watchbands for Audemars Piguet, Apple Watch, Adriatica, Amazfit, Armani, Artya, Azimuth, Balmain, Baume & Mercier, Ball, Bell & Ross, Blancpain, Bovet, Breguet, Breitling, Bruno Sohnle, Bulova, Bvlgary, Calvin Klein, Candino Casio, Cartier, Certina, Chanel, Chaumet, Chopard, Chronographe Suisse Cie, Citizen, Clerc, Continental, Corum, Custos, Cvstos, de Grisogono, Daniel Wellington, DeWitt, Dietrich, Dogma, Ebel, EPOS Switzerland, Erwin Sattler, Eterna, FP Journe, Festina, Fitbit, Formex, Fossil, Franck Muller, Franc Vila, Gaga Milano, Garmin, Girard-Perregaux, Giuliano Mazzuoli, Glashutte Original, Glycine, Graham, Guess, Hamilton, Harry Winston, Huawei TalkBand, Hublot, Hugo Boss, HYT, Ingersoll, Invicta, IWC, Jacob & Co, Jacques Lemans, Jaeger-LeCoultre, JeanRichard, Jorg Hysek, Juicy Couture, KHS, Kolber, Konstantin Chaykin, Kronaby, Lange and Sohne, Lebeau-Courally, Lincor, Linde Werdelin , Locman, Louis Erard, Louis Moinet, Luminox, Maurice Lacroix, MB&F, Meccaniche Veloci, MegaLith, Meistersinger, Metrowatch, Michael Kors, Michel Renee, Montblanc, Moser, Movado, Nautica, Nethuns, Nivada, Nixon, Nokia, Nomos, Obaku , Officine Panerai, Omega, Orient, Oris, Parmigiani Fleurier, Patek Philippe, Perrelet, Piaget, Pierre Lannier, Philip Laurence, Pontvs Kraken, Pro-Hunter, Q&Q, Rado, Ralph Lauren, Rebellion, Richard Mille, Roamer, Roger Dubuis, Rolex, Romain Jerome, Royal London, Salvatore Ferragamo, Samsung Galaxy Watch, Seiko, Sinn, Squale, Stuhrling Original, Suunto, Swatch, Swiss Military-Honowa, Tag Heuer, TB Buti, Timex, Tissot, Traser, Tudor, TW Steel, U-Boat, Uhr-Kraft, Ulysse Nardin, Urwerk, Vacheron Constantin, Valor , Valtera, Van Cleef & Arpels, Versace, Victorinox Swiss Army, Wainer, Xiaomi, Yema Bronze, Zadora, Zenith, Zeppelin, Antarctica, Spring, Wave, East, Pennant, Dawn, Star, Zlatoust Watch Factory, Space, Leningrad, Ray , Lighthouse, Lightning, Victory, Flight, Pole, Neva, Rainbow, Rocket, Record, Russia, Light, Glory, Start, Seagull, Amber and any other watch brands and manufacturers. Individual orders straps for any watch models. Only handmade and luxury materials from the Art Studio MJ.

Gold watch-ring. Watches in the form of rings of any sizes from gold of any jewelry colors.
Individual orders watch rings in white gold, lemon gold, red gold, rose gold, black gold ...
See also the catalog of exclusive rings - and jewelry -

Wall clock made of gold, silver, meteorites, stained oak, hot enamel and jewelry varnishes.
Individual orders unique interior clocks of all shapes and sizes from unique materials.

Table and wall clock in a gold frame.
In individual orders, a watch frame in any size from gold, silver, wood, leather ...
Dressing watches in unique handmade baguettes -

Exclusive watches. The strap and watch case are decorated with python skin.
In individual orders tuning of any model of watches and straps in the skin of crocodiles, snakes, birds, fish, reptiles ...
Available the world's largest collection of classic and exotic leather -

Interior wall clock decorated with Swarovski crystals.
In individual orders, inlay any watch model with real Swarovski crystals or gems.
Wall clocks from the Gems Edition series are encrusted with diamonds, rubies, sapphires, emeralds and other precious stones.

Silver pocket watch with the emblem of the USSR from gold of 777k.
In individual orders pocket watches with inlaid any monograms, emblems, emblems and any other symbols.
Production and customization of branded watches from gold, platinum, palladium, silver and other precious metals.

Exclusive watch models of unusual shapes made of precious metals with inlaid diamonds.
For individual orders, the production and customization of cases for any watch models made of steel, titanium, gold, silver.

Montergrappa wristwatch in gold and exotic leather strap.
In individual orders, customization of cases of any shape and size.
As well as the manufacture of straps for any watch model of any brand from any kind of leather.

Collectible jewelry pocket watches made of gold, diamonds and sapphires.
In individual orders pocket watches of all shapes and sizes inlaid with any kind of precious stones.

Customization and tuning of gold watches Rolex, Patek Philippe, Hublot, Breitling and any other brands.
See also the catalog of exclusive models of watches and luxury bracelets -

Watchbands for any watch model - In individual orders straps of all shapes and sizes from all types and colors of classic and exotic leather. Leather straps of alligator, crocodile, caiman, monitor lizard, iguana, python, cobra, anaconda, karung, sea snake, stingray, shark, calf, bison, deer, elephant, hippo, bird, fish, frog and other types of skin. In the presence of more than 5000 types and colors of skin - All exotic skins are CITES certified.

Luxury watch box made of crocodile leather and red suede.
Gift wrapping for any number of hours. Boxes for any kind of watch.
Exclusive VIP boxes for interior watches. Boxes for wall clocks. Boxes for watches.
For individual orders, gift boxes and collectible caskets of all shapes and sizes -

Gold wristwatch with individual jewelry bracelet.
Customization of watches and bracelets from gold of the 585k, 750k, 777k, 999k (From 14k to 24k).

A luxury transformer watch combining a desk clock and a pocket watch.
Individual orders transforming watches made of precious metals and exotic leathers.

Original Bvlgari watch. Customization of watches in pink gold of 888th test.
Individual orders tuning any models of branded watches.
Production and restoration of watch cases, bracelets and straps.

Exclusive watch bracelets, watch rings, watch cufflinks, watch earrings ...
In individual orders any kind of jewelry watches made of gold, platinum, diamonds and other

Exclusive Gold Watches. Repair, restoration, production and restyling of any watch models.

Jewelry watches with a secret made of precious metals and stones.
Handmade watch in the form of bracelets, rings and other jewelry with a door / cover on the dial.
In individual orders any model of jewelry watches of all shapes and sizes.

Gold wall clock with the emblem of the Russian Federation, Germany, USA, Azerbaijan, Ukraine, Kazakhstan and any others country. For individual orders, wall clock with the arms of any state, clock with family emblems, clock with corporate emblems, clock with zodiac signs, clock with private logos, watches engraved with any wishes, watches with religious, thematic and any other symbols of precious metals.

Luxury smart watch in 777th white gold and a unique diamond-cut bracelet with blue diamonds.
In individual orders any models of watches and bracelets made of precious metals and stones.
Apple Watch Luxury Edition made of White Gold and Blue Diamonds

Exclusive table clock made of amber, meteorite, ivory, mammon tusk, mother of pearl, jet, gems.  -  -  -

Wall clock made of 200-year-old African ebony decorated with Swarovski diamonds or rhinestones.
In individual orders, a table or wall clock with inlaid with any kind of stone.
From original Swarovski crystals to sapphires, emeralds, rubies and diamonds.
Brilliant Clock or Swarovski Crystalls Clock.   &

Gold watch with diamonds and a crocodile leather strap.
Handmade leather straps and gold cases for any watch model.
Customization, tuning, repair, restoration and restyling of any watches, straps and bracelets.
Crocodile Leather Strap for Chanel Watch

Table clock in genuine leather.
Available in all types and colors of classic and exotic leather -
Customization, tuning, restoration, personalization of any models of classic and interior watches from any manufacturers - Alberti Livio, Artima, Artina SKS, Assistant, Blomus, Bona, Bugatti, BVItech, Capanni, Casio, Castita, Cartier, Citizen, Dalvey, Elysee, Glozis, Grande Complication, Herman Miller, Hermle, Howard Miller, Ikea, La Crosse, Leff Amsterdam, Lenardi, Leonotd, Lowell, Mado, Moku Design, NexTime, Nomon, Nuova, Owl, Polaris, Power, Progetti, Rhythm, Sawo, Sea Club, Seiko, Sinix, Swarovski, TFA, Thun, Tim, TimeLike, Tomas Stern, Torthora, Trenkle, Umbra, Uniel, Virtus, Vitra, W. Stratford, Weiser, Pomegranate, Gift Valley, Dynasty, Mikhail Moskvin, Troika and any other watch manufactories.


Handmade wall clock made of gold with fancy diamond.
The most expensive models of wall and interior clocks in the World from MJ Art Studio.
Individual orders any watch models of all shapes and sizes from the most luxurious, exotic and precious materials. Antique wall clocks, collectible interior clocks, vintage clocks, pendulum clocks, hourglasses, water clocks, clepsydra, sundials, antique clocks, 3D clocks, clocks with a hygrometer, clocks with a thermometer, clocks with a perpetual calendar, clocks with a calculator, clocks with a compass, a watch with a laser pointer, a watch-lamp, a watch-cabinet, a watch-keychain, a watch-belt, a watch-shoes, a high-tech watch, and any other designer models.


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All exclusive products are handmade by individual orders.
Worldwide delivery is carried out by any of the courier companies - Fed
Ex, DHL, EMS, Private Couriers ...


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